Affordable Dot Grid Notebook

It seems a natural progression that when you start Bullet Journaling, you eventually want to move on to more quality notebooks, especially the ones that have the dot grid format. The two most popular notebooks currently on the market are the Leuchtturm 1917 and the Rhodia Webnotebook. Both are priced between $15-20 on most online stores.

Recently Michael’s has come out with its own store brand called The Artist Loft.

Here’s a video review conducted by Jessica Chung of  Pretty Prints and Paper.

Bullet Journal Tips: Linking Notebooks

Two big questions asked during my recent presentation to the freshmen were 1) How do I make this work with the composite notebooks I am required to use in math/science classes and 2) How do I deal with out of order notes? This video from Ryder Carroll, the inventor of the Bullet Journal, addresses both of these.