1L – A Day & B Day: History of the Law Magnet

Protest in front of the Dallas ISD Administration Building during the desegregation law suit. (1975)

Monday, students will be tested, among other things, the History of the Law Magnet. You will find a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation at the above link.


Court Attire

WhatToWearThis week students in the 1L or Principles course will be visiting the Dallas County Criminal Courthouse for the first time. We require that all the students dress in business attire. The young men are required to wear a collared dress shirt with a tie, dress pants (slacks), belt and dress shoes. A sports coat or suit are optional.

Young ladies are expected to dress professionally. Skirts should rest right at the knee and high heels are not appropriate. Since at times, there is a lot of walking, we recommend that they wear flats. Collared and sleeved blouses are preferred and should not reveal cleavage. The ladies have a bit more latitude in the type of combinations they can wear within this dress code.

The samples in the photo above offer a good range of what is appropriate to wear to court. Here is a link to a Google search with additional photos for ideas.

We understand that school clothes can be expensive. Many times students can find great “court clothes” at a local thrift store like the Salvation Army or Goodwill for just a few dollars.

1L B Day Roster

google-drive-logo (1)

Here is the link for 1L B-Day Roster for the Students in the B-Day 1L or freshman class. You will need to complete the online class roster. To do that, you must first click on the link and ask to join the document group. Mr. Gonzalez will receive an email alerting him to admit you. When he admits you to the closed group, you will receive an email with a link to the document which will allow you to edit it. You can only do this if you have created a Gmail account as you were instructed to during the first week of school.


Week one in the Books

IMG_0338.JPGThe JBS Law cluster just completed a successful first week of school. The 1L students began the year with a few icebreakers including a Bingo identification game and an interview and introduction lesson in which each student was paired with another. Each student interviewed the other and then introduced them to the whole class. The remainder of the class took notes while the introductions were being made. The class also learned about the History of the Law Magnet using the landmark Supreme Court case, Brown v. Board of Education, as the framework for this discussion.

The 2L students also participated in an interview and introduction lesson. The students also participated in a cognitive exercise which measured their level of creativity. The students were given fifteen (15) minutes to identify as many items in the classroom that could be used to kill a zombie or save them from a zombie attack. This exercise is a variation on the 1967 Guilford’s Alternative Uses Task in which students are given time to list all the possible uses for a brick or a paper clip. This exercise helps the students begin to recapture their ability to creatively problem solve.

Next week, the 2L students will get to experience what it’s like for a law student on the first day of class. The students were asked to read and brief the recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case. Modelling the normal practice of the nation’s top law schools, the faculty will instruct the students using the Socratic method.